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Home & Office Networks
Onsite Canada is available for all of your networking needs. We provide wired and wireless network design, installation, and repair services for any home or business. Our technicians will help you choose the wired or wireless equipment that is right for your network. We then setup and configure your equipment for maximum efficiency.

Network Plans Includes Result Rate
Home Assessment Full Onsite Inspection Quoted Details $50.00 /hr
Business Assessment Full Onsite Inspection Quoted Details $50.00 /hr
Construction Homes Network Wiring & Hub Smart Home Ready $50.00 /hr
Network Maintenance Security & Software Tweaks Improved Efficiency $50.00 /hr

Why do I need a network?
With a carefully planned network from Onsite Canada you can now enjoy all the networking benefits.

Wireless access inside/outside your home
Ability to have wired computer in any room
Share printers & other network devices

Access other computers on your network
Share high speed Internet access
Play network multiplayer games

New Home & Office Installations
Onsite Canada works closely with large development contractors to install high speed wiring throughout new homes and offices upon construction. This wiring connects to a central smart hub. The hub provides network access to not just computers, but to modems, wired and wireless routers, gaming machines, smart home appliances, and soon even more devices as high speed technologies evolve.

Existing Home & Office Installations
We work closely with you to carefully plan and install your home or office network. You may have an existing network that requires upgrades or need a new network. Onsite Canada can help by providing and installing many network products.

High speed modems, routers & hubs
Network cabling & accessories
Windows & security software

New & refurbished computers
Wall jacks & accessories
Smart network products

Keeping Networks Secure
Onsite Canada will take every measure necessary to make sure that your network is secure from the threat of hackers, viruses, and spam so that your business can run smoothly without all of the technical headaches. We install firewalls and customize them for your specific business software, secure your routers, as well as install anti-virus software throughout your network.

Let us carefully plan your new network or rebuild an existing one.
Scalable packages available. Call for details.

Administration and consulting fees are $50.00 per hour.
Pricing does not include applicable taxes and is subject to change.

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